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Yamada UIYamada UIv1.3.11

Default Config

The default config is set with values such as initialColorMode used in Color Mode.

Here are the actual set values.

const config: ThemeConfig = {
initialColorMode: "light",
disableTransitionOnChange: false,
var: { prefix: "ui" },
breakpoint: "down",
initialThemeSchemeInitial value of the theme used in Switch Themes."base"
initialColorModeInitial value of the color mode. Accepts light, dark, system."light"
disableTransitionOnChangeSetting to avoid unnecessary movements due to transitions during color mode switching.false
breakpointSets the direction of breakpoints for responsive design. "up" for mobile-first using @media(min-width) and "down" for desktop-first using @media(max-width)."down"
varSetting used for CSS custom properties.{ prefix: "ui" }
dateSetting used in Calendar and DatePicker.undefined
loadingSetting used in Loading.undefined
noticeSetting used in Notification.undefined
snacksSetting used in Snacks.undefined
motionSetting used in framer-motion.undefined

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